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Suderbyn offers tours of the ecovillage, the different experimental sustainable building projects, the future ecovillage area, the permaculture forest garden among other things. These tours are generelly held for larger groups, e.g. as a part of an organizations study trip. The price for the guided tour is 400 SEK per group.

For long term visitors there are a bunch of activities! During summer we always have a lot of buidling projects, gardening projects and workshops. For example we have an annual clay building workshop every summer. The fee for participating in the workshops vary, so if you are interested in one of the workshops you should send an email to

Suderbyn is buidling an educational route through the ecovillage and the permaculture garden. This is part of a LEADER project, and is made in collaboration with the University of Gotland. The educational tour will consist of several signs, spread out over the ecovillage are, dealing with different aspects of sustainability and ecovillage living.

In order to lead a sustainable life, you need more than just soem wind power plants. Suderbyn offers weekly sessions of Ashtanga yoga, as well as an annual Summer Kundalini Yoga event. In addition you are welcome to join the daily meditations that are held during the afternoon. All of the yoga and meditation sessions are free of charge, but a small gift is always welcomed. Maybe you could bring a flower to plant in the permaculture garden?

The community of Suderbyn usually gets together once a week to watch movies. Sometimes it might be documentaries about permaculture gardening or the covillage movement, other times it could be Planet Earth or an episode of The Wire. As long as you inform the community beforehand, you are welcome to join the any one of the movie nights, for free.

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