Ingredients: lime tree leaves, ash leaves, hazel leaves, crab apple leaves, pine needles, ash bark, guelder bark, black elderberry bark, St. John's wort herb, nettle herb, aqueous mint herb, sweet basil herb, sowing barley sprouts, medicinal peony flowers, greater burdock flowers, bramble berries, nettle root, iris florentina roots.
Usage: one tablespoon of herbs thermos to 0.5 liters of boiling water, cover well and keep for 30 minutes to insist. Once cooled strain off. Tablespoon of honey or a pinch of salt can be used to taste.
It is convenient to make frozen tea. This requires all the herbs from the bag to whip up with 3 liters of boiling water to cover well and hold 30 min. to insist. When cold filter. Tablespoon of honey or a pinch of salt can be used to taste. Pour into small ice production bags and freeze. 3 ice cubes brew to 0.5 liters of boiling water. Drink tea several times a day.
How to store: a bag with a set of tea plants to keep in a dark and dry place.

Livonsaaren leipomo (Livonsaari bakery) bakes organic bread. The bread is sold to the local shops. Most of the grain is produced locally, in the Livonsaari community.

Link to the web site: http://yhteisokyla.net/yritykset/livonsaaren-leipomo/

We offer the next natural beekeeping products: bee families, honey, beebread and honeycomb cappings.
Products for beekeeping: hives, frames.


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