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Cultural and Ecological Farm FREEDOM is 77 kilometers in the south of Cracow on the way to Zakopane in village Sidzina. The farm is located in the third of biggest villages in Poland, and situated in the eastern part of Beskid Żywiecki.

Cultural and Ecological Farm Freedom is brand new place on the map of Polish Alternative Communities and is leased since February 2012. It has been created mainly as the place to live, agricultural work and also wide range ecological and cultural workshops.

On the 0,5 ha space of the farm there is rural residential building log, with its’ two rooms(one for guests), kitchen and sanitary appliance. There are also outbuildings like workshop, stable and barn. In the garden we have vegetables, fruits and nuts which are planted in various ecological techniques bread by nutritious fertilizer supported by earthworms, bacteria, fungi and other beneficial microorganisms born in compost box.
There are also few hives, one inhabited by bees and the others need recovery.
Willow portal as a gate with its 10 m wickerwork fence still needs hands to make it longer. Unfinnished source of pure cold water from the mountain creek 8 m width and 1 m deep, which flows through the farm.

The farm inhabitants are: couple of young humans aged 21 and 28, small flock of goats, two dogs, cats and bees. We carry on shared kitchen based on Magic Hat taken from european and world Rainbow Family Gatherings. We produce handicraft in the free time, which we sell on various festivals. Proceeds from the sale is donated to the FREEDOM Association and the farm maintain and development.
Throughout a year we are open to volunteers and visitors who deep within their soul and heart want to help us to maintain the farm.

In the near future we have plan to make permaculture and rocket stove mass heater building workshops. Also we want to build up the solar bathroom and solar veggies & fruits dryer.

We are looking for volunteers to assist in the:
- care of the garden and pets ( goats, dogs, cats ),
- collecting and drying seeds,
- ongoing maintenance works in the farm,
- construction work ( adaptation: bathroom, workshop, barn, two basements and garage)
- help in promoting the place, organization of workshops, fundraising for association.

In return we offer :
- accomodation in guest room or campsite ( depends on amount of guests ),
- vegetarian meals, based upon Magic Hat custom, which supplies shared kitchen and current living expenses,
- dose of life experience, suppor in reaching knowledge of rural living,
- relaxed and friendly atmosphere,
- weekend country idyll with : regional walking tours, swimming in the river Cieśniawka and evening fire.
Voluntary terms to be agreed ( visits in period from 7 to 30 days)
Interested persons are welcome to contact :

tel. +48 791 53 02 04

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