Natural agriculture ecovillage

Volunteers may participate in the following activities:

- taking care of the garden;
- pasturing of live-stock;
- care of poultry and rabbits;
- haying with scythe;
- picking of berries, mushrooms and eatable plants at the forest, fishing;
- ancient crafts: leather tanning; spinning threads (from angora wool); felting from sheep wool.

In June-July we gather herbs for our traditional Russian herbal tea Ivan-chai. We have 3 types of accomodation: 1. people can pay the whole sum for accomodation/food and simply help with tea producing. 2. They can not to pay, but they have to gather certain quantity of raw herb or produce certain quantity of dry tea. 3. They can produce the dayly norm for accomodation and food, and all dayly extra production will be paid for.

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