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Through Equine Assisted Self-Development a lot of skills and values are promoted and aquired:

• verbal and nonverbal communication
• ability to recognize and create healthy relationships
• perceiving and creating boundaries
• creative thinking and problem solving
• managing conflict situations
• leading skills
• team work
• raising trust in yourself and others
• self establishment
• responsibility
• self mirroring
• readiness to change
• realizing and replacing negative patterns
• facing and managing fears
• reducing stress
• experiencing deeply feeling of safety
• balancing self-esteem
• honour
• caring and love
• and lot more…

We would be glad to share our experience in interaction with horses, living with them in harmony side by side :) We also build own stable and do all other necessary to keep horses healthy and happy, so you are welcome to ask any questions about it ;)

Detailed consultations on a phenomenon of volunteering - pros and cons, value for community building, how to attract people for a volunteering, creation of activities plan, psychological aspects.

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