Hello, my name is Aleksandr. We are two brothers from Vilnius interested
in ecological building using straw and straw bales as well as stoves
building using bricks and fiber clay. We organize and participate in
practical stoves and straw houses building seminars, also build stoves
and provide consultations on it. More information on seminars and our
activities can be found in our blog (in Lithuanian) or (in Russian).

Saturday, March 22, 2014

three-day (March 21-23) traditional Russian Sun celebration with songs, dances, traditional dishes preparing and all appropriate rituals of greeting SUN

Festival of ecotechnologies will take place August 9-12, 2014 in the Kovche ecovillage, Kaluga region, Russia. Details of how to get on The Festival of eco-technologies is a platform for sharing eco-practices. At the Festival there will be master-classes on eco-building, organic food production, permaculture and organic gardening, eco-friendle life-style, and many others

consultations about wood-burning stoves: choices of design and materials for the desired functions

Volunteers may participate in the following activities:

- taking care of the garden;
- pasturing of live-stock;
- care of poultry and rabbits;
- haying with scythe;
- picking of berries, mushrooms and eatable plants at the forest, fishing;
- ancient crafts: leather tanning; spinning threads (from angora wool); felting from sheep wool.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The seminar taking place on 7-8th of June will focus on:
- Caretaking of the natural farming garden;
- The importance of mulch and mulching methods.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Seminar, taking place on 3-4th of May 2014, will focus on:
1. Designing of kitchen-garden. Selection of cultivated plants according to local conditions and farm needs. Preparation of soil.
2. Potatoes planting. Different methods of potatoes growing. Sowing of root-crops (beetroots, turnips, carrots) and legume crops.

Consultations on:
- designing and implementation of natural farming projects;
- growing of fruit tries, berry bushes, vegetables and livestock under natural conditions;
- traditional agriculture plants and animal reproduction issues.


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