Eco-community building

Hello, my name is Aleksandr. We are two brothers from Vilnius interested
in ecological building using straw and straw bales as well as stoves
building using bricks and fiber clay. We organize and participate in
practical stoves and straw houses building seminars, also build stoves
and provide consultations on it. More information on seminars and our
activities can be found in our blog (in Lithuanian) or (in Russian).

Festival of ecotechnologies will take place August 9-12, 2014 in the Kovche ecovillage, Kaluga region, Russia. Details of how to get on The Festival of eco-technologies is a platform for sharing eco-practices. At the Festival there will be master-classes on eco-building, organic food production, permaculture and organic gardening, eco-friendle life-style, and many others

Working with self-knowing and feed-back experience to bridge-over difficulties in favor for a bigger perspective including what was not accepted or seen before using art-therapy and stonecarving togeteher as tools to establish balance and flow.
Aknowledging what is non-practical or non-apropriate in a situation can be painful.
We use the relatively safe situation within the creative process of changing the form of a little piece of limestone with the use of hammer and chisel supported by the range of tools within art-therapy when needed. Talking about stone carving is much easier than speaking honestly about what's hindering understanding or communication within the community.
What hinders the pure process of stone carving are the same things that hinders us in life.
So, learning to carve stone and while doing so letting go of everything that hinders us from stone carving, will let us learn, in an easy and playful way, to be better at living, and thus enhance both our communication and our ability to relate to others.
Much of the secret behind the deep sense of community that is experienced after our sessions are brought forward by the silent sharing of a room beyond time and space; the room of our inner creativity.

We always work two people together:
Annette Haibt, Art therepist and Linus Alfredsson, Stone carver/sculptor

I am still editing this description
Please contact us if you are interested.
Annette Haibt and Linus Alfredsson Gotland, Sweden +46 498 264526

How is the communication functioning in your community? How do you want it to be? I offer workshops and trainings to communities interested in focusing their communication towards compassionate dialouges and finding communication structures that works for them. My compassionate communication workshops are based on Marshall Rosenbergs Non Violent communication (NVC). Non Violent Communication is a way to communicate that is aiming towards creating contact and compassion between people. It is all about having a constructuve dialogue instead of an argumentation.

Creating a business model in a conventional way is daunting enough. How can you create a viable business model for a whole community or even a sustainable initiative? It IS possible as many initiatives up and running demonstrate, but you need to find a balance between achieving sustainability, creating the operations you want and balancing the budget.
The canvas is a workshop methodology to help groups formulate how they will develop and run the business side of their initiative. It is based on a participatory approach using a large board, called the “canvas”. The canvas method is designed as a way to work through possibilities to plug the leaks in your local economy, to grow from your present situation into a social enterprise.

Consultation on Eco-community building covers the following topics:

- defining and describing objectives of eco-community building;
- finding leaders for initiating and leading the community;
- creation of strategy;
- planning of territory;
- discussing of activities;
- juristic aspects;
- other practical reccomendations.

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