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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We invite you to participate in one of 4 annual seminars dedicated to ancient traditional Russian (Slavic) Celebration. The seminars are being organized in the Big Stone ecovillage, located in a very beautiful place at the River Kubena curve surrounded by a Taiga pinery (Shilikovo village, Sokol region, Vologda oblast, Russia).
The seminar take 5 days (19.06.2013-23.06.2013).
Follow the link to see some photos from previous trainings / seminars http://www.ecobs.ru/index.files/site/foto.html
If you are interested in this seminar you should send an email to masha-kulyasova@yandex.ru

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bio-cosmetic’s Academy regularly organizes lessons for customers who prefer to make their own cosmetic products. We teach how to make creams, balms and other body care products at home from natural, organic oils and floral water.

Cosmetic production lessons are not only useful but also interesting and very relaxing entertainment. Our customers discover pleasant scents and natural gifts of nature. The lesson introduces to organic ingredients, their properties and use in natural cosmetics which is revealed during fun process of creation a new product.

Create handmade products:
-Facial creams, eye balms;
-Body care products.

Create your own healthy natural body and face products!

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