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Be very Welcome !

Arriving , This is your home , your learning center and your community. On arrival you will have a guide that will show you the corners of the house and the projects that are being carried out .

In this center of learning for sustainable and community living you can enjoy the tranquil setting of the Alentejo and this project. You will experience a different way of living than what is common in our consumerist society . You will engage yourself on different areas : Natural Building , Permaculture , Education , Community , Health and so on. It is a very interesting and exciting challenge that requires a lot of love, perseverance , enthusiasm and dedication.

Often the work is exciting but it can happen that it can be more repetitive or harder. You will also enjoy our workshop weekends that are also open to the public outside. Saturdays are dedicated to activities of physical and mental health , and Sundays workshops related to sustainability: natural building , permaculture and alternative energy .

In this sense , we must understand life daily practice and the main goals of the project .

Main goals of the project:


Working toward a life in a cycle that gives us independence for food , shelter and energy . For example , in the case of food: we work the land that provides food for humans and animals. The manure of animals and plants give us compost that brings nutrients to the soil and plants . Instead of buying food in a supermarket , the goal is , in some years , have all food production we need.

Open Learning

Learning by living, by sharing, by doing

Learning Centre on sustainability and community living for all ages. Together create conditions for learning and living , according to the needs of the community and the people who inhabit it and participate from children to Adults .

Life in community

Live together sharing common spaces such as garden, food forest , community kitchen , healing area … also having our private spaces . Planning needs and community activities together in circles of conversation.

Learning , working , healing, fun , communication … together we are !

Cooperative communication

Cooperative communication is based on a communication process that helps people deal with each other , listening to the feeling and needs of all in order to meet them and have a peaceful atmosphere.


Taking time for our own personal development and healing activities such as yoga , pilates , swimming, dancing, playing …

Music and Dance

Music and dance are languages of the soul that allows us to get out of the mind and allow us to connect with our essence . A universal language that allows us to communicate at another level and liberate us .

Music and dance here are based on intuition and are open to all , even those who have no experience .

We have several tools available for the participants : double bass , cello , didgeridoo , drums , flutes , saxophones , among others .


Allow time for mothers to be with their children and all the work around the child , until the child will be integrated in the community and learning center.

Daily Life

We believe that a flexible structure in the community gives best results and more freedom .

To participate in the community ( even temporarily ) , you need to resonate with the vision and structure of the project . This is the basis of the learning center and community.

To participate in the community ( even temporarily ) , the following words should make sense :

Initiative – When you see something that needs to be done to mention it in the morning circle , and in the case of knowing solve just do.

Enthusiasm – Do something for the pleasure of learning and performing tasks . Do things because we want to and not because someone told you to do them. ( Be aware that in this community there are tasks that need to be done, which may not be the most exciting . Putting our effort to get these tasks done for the community , knowing that in another moment , someone is taking care of them for us . )

Self -responsibility – Once we have our tasks for the day / week established devote to them without anyone having to remind you .

Dedication – Doing things with love and care

Reasonability- which means that structures are a guideline and should be reasonably flexible

Consciousness – Understanding the consequences of our actions , the things we do , we buy in , the way we communicate …

Democracy – decisions taken by majority agreement . We try to reach a consensus . If this is not possible , have a majority of votes . Only the project goals , which are the foundation of the project are not changeable . The way to reach them is decided by the group .

Identification with the vision and structure is essential to join us . When you arrive at Tribodar, day by day you will get more familiar with the procedures , pace , day to day. The basis of this project is also communication, an essential tool for us to have this experience of community life .

After a week here you shall know plants of the garden, irrigation system , the procedures of the catering, the procedures with animals , explain the objectives of the project to any other person . After a week here you should really feel at home. During the initial phase , all participants who are already there for some time , will answer any questions, as you will also help newcomers later.

Right now we are four residents and usually around one to twenty participants . We want to reach a number between fifty to one hundred residents and many participants .


Monday to Thursday

Five hours of work in the morning four days a week + daily tasks divided

(cooking, cleaning , tidying , watering the plants , chop wood )

Thursday afternoon extra two hours devoted to cleaning / beautification

17.00 18:00 we usually have the healing / workshops where participants share various workshops such as meditation, yoga , dance , massage , and other therapies

Friday – day off

Except cook and clean kitchen

Saturday and Sunday

Tribodar learning center for sustainable living and community project located in Nisa (high – Alentejo ) opens its doors to the public to come and enjoy various workshops on weekends . Saturdays are dedicated to healing workshops and Sundays sustainability workshops .

Circle of conversation ( once a week or as needed ) – Questions , suggestions about this place , sustainable living , alternative education , community life . People bring their questions , suggestions for the circle .

Mothers of young children

Have fewer missions and organize their time according to the needs of children and the help they receive from others

Earth and space

The land

The land is 1 hectare ( for expansion) purchased by the founding members , but is available to be purchased by the association of long-term members . The founding members dedicate the land for the development of a learning center for sustainability and community living and not redirect, or sell the land for their own benefit . this project will always be a learning center for all ages : from children to adults , joining the learning process with daily needs .


We have two caravans and a dormitory available . If they are taken you need to bring a tent. We have several mattresses to make the tent more comfortable .

Composting toilet

We have a toilet consisting of two dry compartments .

(A dry toilet is a toilet that uses predominantly aerobic processes to treat waste without water . Compound is then used to fertilize the trees . )


We have a solar tube from which we can extract hot water on sunny days . We are preparing a shower / bath place more sophisticated ( solar shower ) . Bring eco shampoo and soap ( wastewater go to the garden ) .


This project offers a kitchen with all necessary utensils

Healing area

A room with a flat floor for dance, yoga , massage …


Place with tools and bench .

Donkey Field

We have half of the land dedicated to our beautiful donkeys: Crystal, Dolphin and rainbow


There is wi – fi 4 hours per day . Bring own laptop .

Remember to bring :


Work gloves



Sleeping bag

Ecological soap and shampoo


First week – 6 euros / day

Second week – 5 euros / day

Third week – 4 euros / day

From the fourth week – 3 euros / day

We are looking forward to meet you!
Join us! together we are more!

Internships/volunteering place: 
Time & duration: 
All year - from one week to ...
First week 6 euros / day Second week 5 euros / day Third week 4 euros / day From the fourth week 3 euros / day
Additional availability for people with special needs: 
Food is vegetarian and we try to take special dietary requirements into consideration as much as possible. Tribodar is generally a place where people accept each other as they are sharing friendship and love.
Requirements for interns & volunteers: 
Regular participants stay at Tribodar at least one week (we prefer at least two weeks though). They are part of a team/project during the working hours from Monday to Thursday, and participate in talking circles, organizing meetings, and daily shared tasks such as cooking, cleaning, tidying up and animal care. Further they can join in the healing hour workshop, the workshop weekends and the music jams. As a regular participant, you are independent and try to make yourself at home, taking responsibility for daily routine tasks (such as animal care, cooking, cleaning etc.) and leaving no traces behind you (wash your plate, leave no personal belongings in the communal spaces etc.) At your arrival, all participants who are already there for some time, will answer any questions, The same way you will help newcomers later.


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